Charles R. Goodlett, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Psychology

Education/ Training:
Ph.D. SUNY Binghamton (1983)

Biopsychology of addiction.
My research focuses on the damaging effects of alcohol on the developing brain, using quantitative neuroanatomy, immunocytochemistry, and behavioral methods in an animal model of fetal exposure. The current focus is on cerebellar damage, using eyeblink classical conditioning as a tool to study functional cerebellar systems. The long-term objectives are to understand how alcohol damages the developing brain and interferes with development of behavior and learning, and to establish a neurobiological basis for therapeutic intervention in cases of prenatal alcohol exposure.

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Recent Publications:

Tran, T.D., Stanton, M.E., and Goodlett CR. Binge-like ethanol exposure during theearly postnatal period impairs eyeblink conditioning at short and long CS-US intervals in rats. Developmental Psychobiology, accepted.

Goodlett CR., Horn, K.H., and Zhou, F.C. Alcohol teratogenesis: Mechanismsofdamage and strategies for intervention. Experimental Biology and Medicine, 2005, 230:394-406.

Guerri. C., Pascual, M., Garcia-Minguillan, M.C., Charness, M.E., Wilkemeyer, M.F., Klintsova, A.Y., Goodlett CR., Greenough, W.T., Sakata-Haga, H., Dominguez, H.D., and Thomas, J.D. Fetal alcohol effects: potential treatments from basic science. Alcoholism:Clinical and Experimental Research, 2005, 29:1074-1079.

Tran, T.D., Jackson, H.D., Horn, K.H., and Goodlett CR. Vitamin E does not protect against neonatal ethanol-induced cerebellar damage or deficits in eyeblink classical conditioning in rats. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 2005, 29:117-129.

Zhou, F.C., Sari, Y., Powrozek, T.A., Goodlett CR., Li, TK. Moderate Alcohol Exposure Compromised Neural Tube Midline Development in Prenatal Brain.Developmental Brain Research, 2003, 114: 43-55.

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