Alexander B. Niculescu III, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Laboratory of Neurophenomics

1991 University of Bucharest Carol Davila School of Medicine, M.D.
1997 The Scripps Research Institute Kellogg School of Science and Technology, Ph.D., Molecular Biology

Convergent Functional Genomics and Phenomics of Bipolar and Related Disorders.

We have developed an approach, termed Convergent Functional Genomics (CFG), for identifying candidate genes, pathways and mechanisms for neuropsychiatric disorders. The approach is based on the integration of gene expression profiling in an appropriate animal model of the illness with human genetic linkage studies. We have applied this approach to bipolar and related disorders, and are currently engaged in pursuing collaborative studies using this approach in alcohol abuse. The candidate genes identified by CFG are pursued at two levels: 1) genetic association studies of functional polymorphisms in families and patients, and 2) studies in transgenic mice. We are particularly interested in circadian clock genes as candidate genes for cycling and switching in bipolar disorders, and are studying the knock-out mouse of the clock gene DBP (D-box binding protein).At a mechanistic level, our work so far has pointed to, among other things, an overlap between mood and pain, and between mood and appetite regulating mechanisms.

Another line of work in our group involves the study of phenotypes- phenomics. The imprecise nature of psychiatric phenotypes has been a rate-limiting step for clinical research and practice in general, and for psychiatric genetics in particular. We have developed an approach, termed PhenoChipping, that applies microarray paradigms and methodology to the empirical study of phenotypes. Our ongoing work in this area is focused on major psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipolar). We are particularly interested in building a bank of blood samples from the subjects that are PhenoChipped, for repeated mining by studies integrating genetic and genomics with phenomics.

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Recent Publications:

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