Katie Andrews

My name is Katie and I am a MD/PhD trainee in the labs of Drs. Tom McAllister and Bill Truitt.  My broad research interests include the neural circuitry of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders, as well as the cognitive and psychosocial consequences of traumatic brain injury.  Currently, I am using a rat model to study specific psychosocial-like deficits that arise after mild traumatic brain injury, particularly with regard to long-term anxiety behavior.

Year in Program: 2

Faculty Mentors: Tom McAllister, M.D., and Bill Truitt, Ph.D.

Stark Neurosciences Research Institute | Neuroscience Research Building | 320 West 15th Street | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Phone: (317) 278-5848 | FAX: (317) 231-0203