John I. Nurnberger Jr, M.D., Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, Psychiatry;
Joyce and Iver Small Professor; Psychiatry;
Professor, Medical and Molecular Genetics, and Medical Neurosciences
Director, Institute of Psychiatric Research
Vice Chairman for Pre-Clinical Research, Department of Psychiatry

M.D. 1975 Indiana University School of Medicine.
Ph.D. 1983 Indiana University Graduate School, Center for Neural Sciences

Genetics and Psychopharmacology of Mood Disorders.

For the past twelve years our research group has coordinated the multisite NIMH Genetics Initiative Collaborative Study on Bipolar Disorder, which has developed a national resource of diagnostic information and cell lines from families with multiple cases of bipolar illness. Analytic efforts have identified specific chromosomal areas of probable linkage, including loci on chromosome 6q, 13q, and 16p. We have also been part of the multisite Collaborative Study of the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA) since its inception in 1989. Recent accomplishments of the collaborative group include the accumulation of evidence for the effects of single genes in the development of alcohol dependence; current candidates include the GABA receptor complex on chromosome 4 and the genes coding for alcohol dehydrogenase on the same chromosome. Our group has had a particular interest in an area on chromosome 1p, which may be related to risk for alcohol dependence and other substance use disorders as well as depression and mania.
A new project involves followup of young people in families with multiple cases of psychiatric disorder. We have begun to assess adolescents/young adults between the ages of 12 and 25 in families with multiple cases of alcohol dependence. A history of conduct problems may precede substance use disorders in these young people. We have also been studying the implications of substance abuse in families with multiple cases of bipolar affective disorder. In these families substance abuse in the patient with mania is associated with earlier age of onset and more cases of psychiatric illness in family members.

Recent Publications:

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