David A. Kareken, Ph.D., ABPP

Professor and Director, Neuropsychology Section
Deputy Director, Indiana Alcohol Research Center
Department of Neurology

Ph.D. Hahnemann University (1992)
Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Pennsylvania (1992-1994)

Human Brain Reward Systems.

My research involves the neuroimaging of the human brain’s reward system (using both PET and functional MRI), and motivated behavior for natural rewards (such as food) and drugs of abuse.  The work in my lab is broadly targeted to understand the brain and genetic vulnerabilities that may predispose individuals to disorders such as alcoholism and obesity.

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Recent Publications:

  1. Oberlin, B.G., Dzemidzic, M., Tran, S., Soeurt, C., O'Connor, S. Yoder, K. & Kareken, D.A. (2014).  Beer self-administration provokes lateralized nucleus accumbens dopamine release in male heavy drinkers.  Psychopharmacology (Berl.). [epub ahead of print] PMID: 25163422; PMCID (in progress).

  2. Eiler, W.J.A., Dzemidzic, M., Case, K.R., Armstrong., C.L.H., Mattes, R.D., Cyders, M.A., Considine, R.V., & Kareken, D.A.  (2014). Ventral frontal satiation-mediated responses to food aromas in obese and normal weight women. Am J of Clin Nutr 2;99(6):1309-1318. PMID: 24695888; PMCID (in progress).

  3. Oberlin, B.G., Dzemidzic, M., Tran, S.M., Soeurt, C.M., Albrecht, D.S., Yoder, K.K., & Kareken, D.A. (2013).  Beer Flavor Provokes Striatal Dopamine Release in Male Drinkers: Mediation by Family History of Alcoholism.  Neuropsychopharmacology, 38, 1617-1624. PMID: 23588036; PMCID: PMC3717546.

  4. Kareken, D.A., Dzemidzic, Oberlin, B.G., Eiler II, W.J.A. (2013).  A Preliminary Study of the Human Brain Response to Oral Sucrose and its Association with Recent Drinking.  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 37, 2058-2065. PMID:23841808; PMCID (in progress).

  5. Eiler II, W.J.A., Dzemidzic, M., Case, K.R., Considine, R.V., & Kareken, D.A. (2012).  Correlation between ventromedial prefrontal cortex activation to food aromas and cue-driven Eating: An fMRI study. Chemosensory Perception, 5, 27-36. PMCID (in progress).

  6. Oberlin, B., Dzemidzic, M., Bragulat, V., Lehigh, C.A., Talavage, T., O'Connor, S.J. & Kareken, D.A. (2012).  Limbic responses to reward cues correlate with antisocial trait density in heavy drinkers. NeuroImage, 60, 644-654. PMID:22227139; PMCID: PMC3288676.

  7. Kareken, D.A., Bragulat, V., Dzemidzic, M. Cox, C., Talavage, T. Davidson, D. O’Connor, S.J., & Family History of Alcoholism Mediates the Frontal Response to Alcoholic Drink Odors and Alcohol in At-Risk Drinkers (2010). NeuroImage, 50, 267-276. PMID: 20004725; PMCID: PMC2819594.

  8. Bragulat, V., Dzemidzic, M., Bruno, C., Cox, C.A., Talavage, T.A., Considine, R.V., Kareken, D.A. (2010). Food-Related Odor Probes of Brain Reward Circuits during Hunger: A Pilot fMRI Study.  Obesity, 18, 1566-1571. PMID: 20339365.

  9. Bragulat, V., Dzemidzic, M. Talavage, T. Davidson, D. O’Connor, S.J., & Kareken, D.A. (2008). Alcohol sensitizes cerebral responses to the odors of alcoholic drinks: An fMRI study.  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 32, 1124–1134. PMID: 18540915; PMCID: PMC2905852.

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