Derron Bishop, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Indiana University School of Medicine;
Director of Indiana University School of Medicine – Muncie;
Associate Professor of Cellular and Integrative Physiology

B.A., North Central College (1993)
M.S., Ball State University (1995)
Ph.D., Washington University (2001)

My lab focuses on understanding how the mammalian nervous system remodels itself during the lifetime of an animal.  We study synaptic and axonal rearrangements by first watching structural changes in living mice using a combination of fluorescence and confocal microscopy.  We next target these exact same synapses for a complete serial section transmission electron microscope (ssTEM) reconstruction.  This technically challenging approach permits highly resolved ultrastructural data from electron microscopy to be interpreted in a macroscopic and potentially dynamic context.  Such correlated imaging is particularly difficult in complex tissues where a cell that was previously imaged by light microscopy has to be distinguished from numerous similar, but irrelevant cells.  To make the process more routine, we developed a technique named “near-infrared branding” which uses a femto-second pulsed titanium:sapphire laser to create fiduciary “branding” marks in defined three-dimensional positions within glutaraldehyde-fixed tissue.  These markings restrict the reconstructed volume making correlated imaging much more feasible and reliable.  We are currently using correlated light and electron microscopy to study developmental synapse loss, axon loss in neurodegenerative disease models, and synaptic aging. 

Selected Publications:
Sorbara C, Wagner N, Ladwig A, Niki? I, Merkler D, Kleele T, Marinkovic P, Naumann R, Godinho L, Bareyre F, Bishop D, Misgeld T, and Kerschensteiner M (2014) Pervasive axonal transport deficits in multiple sclerosis models.  Neuron Dec 17;84(6):1183-90.

Kleele T, Marinkovic P, Williams P, Stern S, Weigand EE, Engerer P, Naumann R, Hartmann J, Karl R, Bradke F, Bishop DL, Herms J, Konnerth A, Kerschensteiner M, Godinho L, and Misgeld T (2014)  An assay to image neuronal microtubule dynamics in mice.  Nature Communications Sep 12;5:4827.

Cordero D, Fullenkamp CR, Pelly RR, Reed KM, Caffo LM, Zahrt AN, Newman M, Komanapalli S, Niemeier EM, Bishop DL, Bruns HA, Haynes MK, Sklar LA, Sammelson RE, McDowell SA (2014) Small Molecule Inhibitors Limit Endothelial Cell Invasion by Staphylococcus Aureus.  Current Pharm Biotech Sept 9 epub, PMID: 25213310.

Bishop D, Niki? I, Brinkoetter M, Knecht S, Potz S, Kerschensteiner M, Misgeld T (2011) Near-infrared branding efficiently correlates light and electron microscopy.  Nature Methods 8(7) 568-70.

Niki? I, Merkler D, Sorbara C, Brinkoetter M, Kreutzfeldt M, Bareyre FM, Brück W, Bishop D, Misgeld T, Kerschensteiner M (2011)  A reversible form of axon damage in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis.  Nature Medicine 17(4):495-9.

Di Maio A, Skuba A, Himes BT, Bhagat SL, Hyun JK, Tessler A, Bishop D, Son YJ (2011) In vivo imaging of dorsal root regeneration: rapid immobilization and presynaptic differentiation at the CNS/PNS border.  Journal of Neuroscience  31(12) 4569-82.

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Gan WB, Bishop DL, Turney SG, Lichtman JW. (1999) Vital imaging and ultrastructural analysis of individual axon terminals labeled by iontophoretic application of lipophilic dye. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 93(1): 13-20. 

Bishop DL, Milton RL (1998) Nimodipine suppresses preferential reinnervation of mouse soleus muscles by slow alpha-motoneurons.  Experimental Neurology 154(2) 366-70.

Bishop DL, Milton RL (1997) The effects of denervation location on fiber type mix in self-reinnervated mouse soleus muscles.  Experimental Neurology 147(1) 151-58.

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