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Ph.D. Program Description:
The Medical Neuroscience program provides training to prepare students for research and teaching careers in academic, institute, industrial, or hospital settings. The participating faculty represent a broad spectrum of neuroscience interests including: (i) animal models of anxiety disorders, (ii) neurobiology and genetics of alcoholism and addictive behaviors, (iii) molecular mechanisms underlying pain syndromes, (iv) genetics of degenerative disorders, (v) signal transduction and receptor pharmacology, (vi) advanced brain imaging in animal models and humans, (vii) molecular genetics of psychiatric disorders, (viii) neuronal stem cell biology, (ix) neurobiology of motor and autonomic function, and (x) autism and neuroimmune disorders.

Admission to our graduate program is through a common open enrollment / gateway system called the Indiana University School of Medicine BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) Program. The IBMG provides a shared first year experience for all School of Medicine biomedical science pre-doctoral (Ph.D. program) students. Students in Medical Neuroscience have the freedom to explore several research areas through (3) rotations in laboratories within the program and across programs during their first year. The open enrollment curriculum enhances the community of graduate students by offering a shared collaborative culture - a vital component of today's inter-disciplinary nature of biomedical science research. 

For more information about how to apply to the IBMG Program please follow link: or contact:

Tara L. Hobson-Prater
Director, IBMG Program for Ph.D. Study
Indiana University School of Medicine Graduate Division
Van Nuys Medical Science Building, Room 207
635 North Barnhill Drive Indianapolis, IN 46202-5120, USA
Phone: 317.274.3441
Fax: 317.278.5211

Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program
Stark Neurosciences Research Institute
Gary Landreth, Ph.D., Director (
Karmen Yoder, Ph.D., Co-Director (
Nastassia Belton, M.S., Program Coordinator (

Stark Neurosciences Research Institute | Neuroscience Research Building | 320 West 15th Street | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Phone: (317) 278-5848 | FAX: (317) 231-0203