Medical Neurosciences Graduate Program

The Medical Neurosciences graduate program is currently being restructured.  The MedNeuro graduate program is a broad-based program of garduate study leading to the Ph.D. in Neurosciences and is based in the Stark Neuroscience Research Institute.  The graduate program is focused on translation of basic science discoveries into therapies in the clinic.  The program offers research opportunities in studies of neurodegeneration, pain, affective and addictive disorders and nervous system injury and repair. 

We are anxiuous to recruit new students into the program and welcome applications from both domestic and international students.  The MedNeuro program offers stipend and tuition support for a ll students admitted to the program.  Please let us review your credentials and facilitate the application process.

Stark Neurosciences Research Institute | Neuroscience Research Building | 320 West 15th Street | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Phone: (317) 278-5848 | FAX: (317) 231-0203